Yet another sign that Barney Frank is in deep trouble.

I find this video  (via RCP) to be just short of amazing. Michael Dukakis? Really? On the final weekend before the election, this is the best Barney’s campaign can do?

Things to consider:
1. There appear to be no more than perhaps 30 people there. At a Democrat rally in Massachusetts. Two days before election day.
2. Michael Dukakis is one of the silliest and least consequential former candidates for the Presidency. Over the past 60 years I would suggest that only McGovern ranks lower. Yet Barney Frank needs him?
3. What inspired talking points does Dukakis use to get the crowd charged up? Its all George W. Bush’s fault. Wow, that’s cutting edge.
4. Ole Barn was apparently there judging from Dukakis’ comments and yet they only drew a handful? One of whom clearly was not a Frank supporter given that this video has seen the light of day.

No matter how “blue” your district, PLEASE go out and vote on Tuesday. We have an historic chance to wipe-out significant parts of the Democrat machine. Consider this our version of never letting a crisis go to waste.