Is there a disconnect in Senate vs House polling?

Maybe its just me but I sense a disconnect in the majority of polling for the Senate compared to the House. We all know that since WWII, each time the House has flipped, the Senate flipped as well. This makes sense given that Senate races are statewide and thus a compilation of all the House races in a given state.

Now we come to 2010 and what EVERYONE agrees is going to be a terrible year for Democrats in the House races. When Keith Olbermann presents the inside scoop on his show as being this, you know that things look black for the Democrats.

So why are so many of the Senate polls showing a different picture? Why are the Democrats seemingly still quite competitive in the upper chamber? Taken individually one can construct reasons why Rand Paul, or Ken Buck or Dino Rossi have not caught fire, but why are so many Senate races out of step with the House?

Put another way, in a year when Barney Frank is running for his life in Massachusetts why can’t the GOP pull away in more of these races? I realize the Democrats are defending in staunchly blue territory in many of these states, but even so I have to wonder how they are hanging as close as they are in places like Kentucky and West Virginia and Colorado.

Perhaps I’ve gotten spoiled with all the good news on the House side, but dang it all, we need the Senate as well so as to stop any more leftwingnut Supreme Court nominations.