Latest Gallup Numbers

I’m surprised by the lack of comment anywhere about the new Gallup Generic numbers.

One week out, the most respected polling organization, The Gold Standard, is showing the Republicans with either a 9 or 14 point margin among “likely voters”.

The Low Turnout model shows the GOP up 55-41 while the High Turnout model shows the margin is 52-43. These numbers are slightly tighter than the ones released last week but not enough to matter.

If…IF…Gallup is reasonably close, then these numbers are not just historically bad for Democrats, they are off the charts horrible. If the Republicans were to enjoy even an 8 point lead next Tuesday, the Democrat Party would be decimated and Obamanomics stopped cold.

If in fact…IF…Gallup is in the ball park, then Republicans have chances to win in places we never dreamed we could prevail.

That word “if” is funny. There are a lot of “ifs” right now but there won’t be any after November 2, then it will be all over for another two years.

Every conservative, no matter how Blue your district needs to vote.

If we keep the effort up through Election Day, we have a chance at a once in a lifetime victory that can change our nation’s future.