"Battle for America"

Press Release and Review by Barbara Espinosa
“Battle for America”  reveals an America at a crossroads of tyranny and liberty. It’s a bone chilling indictment of a radical Administration determined to change the face of America by transforming it into a European-style Socialist Democracy. 
Using an inescapable analogy, author and director Stephen Bannon makes comparisons with America’s current political decline and the fall of the Roman Empire. He confronts us with an elitist governing-class Hell bent on burning the Constitution and stripping Americans of their right to make their own choices. We see an arrogant Obama Administration working in collusion with a complicit Congress, each attempting to unravel the core principles that have made American the shining beacon of light for peoples around the world.
Fortunately for America there are Patriots like  Dick Morris, Ann Coulter, Lou Dobbs, Fred Barnes, Arthur Brooks, Newt Gingrich, Tony Blankley, Mike Flynn, Eric Singer, U.S. Representatives Thaddeus McCotter, Sue Myrick, and Dan Lungren, and U.S. Senators Christopher Bond and Tom Coburn who featured in this film. Along with Stephen Bannon, David Bossie and millions of “Tea Party” participants who are standing up saying not on “Our Watch”.
Mr. Bannon has been a guest on my radio show and I have been privileged to see “Fire from the Heartland” and “Battle for America”. Both are riveting and inspiring. Consequential and dangerous times threaten our country, and “Battle for America” will leave you with the determination and fortitude required for the fight to save our country. be