Happy Dependence Day

July 4, 2020

Congratulations America you have become totally dependent on the largess of the federal government.

Let’s get down the business.

               First the country is going to run by the military.  If America is to be run by self serving SOBs then it might as well be run by men and women have  served it first.  As for the current government they will be shipped off to work camps to work off the debt they put on the American people.  This includes the President, Congress, and all the bureaucrats and their staff.  If you wonder what they will be doing I’ll give you a clue, we won’t need illegal immigrants anymore.

               Since you want all you housing, food, and healthcare taken care of you are going to work for it.  All able bodied adults will work.  Your education and motivation will determine where you work at.  Also benefits are earned as you contribute more to society.


               As with the military as you move up in rank you get better housing, a couple of examples;

               If you are a college student and getting your tuition paid for by the government you can expect to live in a dorm with several others like yourself.  No fancy digs for you because you have not earned it yet.  Just ask any man or woman that has been to boot camp or one of the service academies.

               Military personnel get the best places to live.  After all they are putting themselves in harm’s way to keep the other folks from taking what little we are giving you.  Imagine you are just an E-4 enlisted man living on a beach front property in a home with several rooms with butler and garden service.  Your butler is your former US Representative and the gardener is your former Senator.  Remember what I said about not needing illegal immigrants anymore, besides remember when they threatened a government shutdown and they would get paid and you wouldn’t.


               Of course we’ll feed you, just get in the chow line and get what we serve you.  As with housing the more you contribute the better you eat.


               Drop and give me twenty.  That’s right no more playing Game Boys and Xboxes for hours on end.  Also you can forget about watching TV 10 hours a day.  No more mind numbing reality programming either. Educational and indoctrination shows will be the norm.  You want to see the doctor then you better be working out and staying fit.  Your widescreen TV will be your gym.  A camera on top will monitor your progress.  Watch that body fat shipmate.  Come on Grandma if you want that hip replacement you’re going to earn it.

               Well if this kind of life sounds familiar it should because that’s what happens in totalitarian societies.  You will find like the folks in the old USSR that some people are more equal than others and if you speak out you will get a visit from a government official.

Oh by the way the Constitution will be on permanent display at the Smithsonian to remind you of what you gave up for total government handouts.  Happy Dependence Day.