Texans for Jerry Brown

Why do we want Brown to return to the Governor’s mansion, simple because we want Californians jobs.  We figure if Brown is elected back into office he will sign any tax or fee increase putting further burdens on companies in California thus forcing them to move somewhere else, like Texas.

Recently a gentleman moved three bio tech companies here to San Antonio bringing a thousand jobs with him.  Also San Antonio started producing Tacoma Pickups here at the Toyota plant as the plant in California shut, more jobs.

Although we want the jobs to come to Texas we don’t want the people who keep putting the liberals in office to come here.  Things are bad enough with the clowns in Austin and some of the no loads in other large cities.  You made your bed, now sleep in it.

Maybe we should start another immigration department in Texas.  Not to keep out illegals, but Liberal Californians who want to change our way of life. 

Go ahead and make fun of us.  We will have the last laugh when your job comes here.