Hybrid American Flag Flying in Florida Retirement Community

In a private, gated retirement community in Florida, a man paid for a custom flag to be sewn, which combines Canada’s flag and the U.S. flag.   Because the North Port Sun Herald doesn’t post entire articles on the web for free, I cannot determine if a course of action has been set by the HOA.

What I can tell you in that my friend’s mom lives in this park, and can see this flag from her front window.  The HOA was tough on her, when it didn’t like the concrete color for her driveway a few years ago.  So I am unsure why they are not more proactive in asking that this flag is removed, especially since it has created media attention.  Her driveway color did not make the local newspaper,  so this seems a bit lax on their part.

Here is the local link (North Port Sun Herald):  http://bit.ly/GPplR9

Original tweet with pic:  https://twitter.com/#!/Radio214/status/183975653601841153


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