RedState: The new Comedy Central

As a reader who occasionally rambled by RedState for some timely political articles I must admit I stop by everyday now. The pieces written on here are pure comedy when it comes to how not to have Trump as the nominee. The petition, the stay at home, the vote Hillary, the let’s form a new party. The reason this is so funny is because more people supported Trump through the primary process than any other candidate and when the field was whittled down to three candidates he was taking over 50% of the vote. Although it may be hard for many to accept, the Republican party has been dead a long time. They do not embrace the ideals that voting republicans want, they embrace job preservation. For this lack of leadership and not doing what they were sent to do we get Trump. It is not the Trump supporters fault that he walked away with the nomination, it is the republicans in power that caused this. As for me, I will continue to get my comic relief by stopping by.