The Dissolution of a Country

The United States has become an ideologically fractured nation. The progressives maintain a strong presence in the Northeast and West. The conservatives strongly control the South. The remainder of the country borders on being moderate.

The two regions of the country, Northeast and South, are almost polar opposites when viewed through the lens of those who hold office in Washington, D.C. The Democrats in the Northeast hold 19 Senate seats compared to 3 held by the Republicans. In the South the Republicans have the advantage 20-6. In the House of Representatives the democrats only hold 39 of the 147 seats within the southern states. Of those 39 seats 23 are held by minority races. In the Northeast states the gap is not as wide but the Democrats control 56 of the 87 seats.

With such a sharp divide a scenario can be imagined that the country will dissolve into something where like minded people will choose to have a government responsive to its needs while casting aside those ideas and beliefs that seem far-fetched or just an overreach by an ever strengthening central government.

This scenario may not ever play out, but something will cause a major change to take place. With so many people in complete disagreement on the direction of the country it may be time to chart a new course.