Our Duty as 'New Conservatives'

The Tea Party and The New Conservatism is a new force. Almost overnight we have changed from a small  group to a leading force to reckoned with, and our victories are unprecedented in political history. We have conquered hearts and minds throughout the nation, regardless of lies, slanders and bans. We are building a strong organization and developing a battalion of the best political speakers. We have produced a flood of plans and ideas and many organizers and thinkers. This cannot be explained by ordinary means. It is a political mystery, something of a miracle.

Our duty is to transform the miracle of this political mystery into reality. The broad masses who have expressed themselves in our movement have given a clear and unmistakable statement against the America of today and for the America of tomorrow. They want a radical break with the domestic, foreign, economic and cultural policies of the current government. No more threatening assault on the System can be imagined. It is clear that the will to rid America of the old parties and their ideas are no longer that of a small party, but of an entire awakened nation. Our truth-telling has unleashed this popular will. Now we must transform words into deeds.

Those in the center know our goals: The New Conservatives have no desire to join the bourgeois party bosses. We have no intention of ducking responsibility. We are not purveyors of hate ad racism, as the newspapers like to say about us. We will accept responsibility only when we can justify it to the people and the nation. We do not think holy what the establishment thinks untouchable. The Tea Party/New Conservatism movement wants a transformation of things as they are. We have not come to prop up that which is collapsing, but rather to topple it.

The conditions under which we would be willing to use the power we have are clear. They are clear, proper, and precise to anyone who knows us. We are interested not in the good of our party, but in the good of the American people. Those who have supported us want New Conservative ideals to determine the fate of the nation. We have no interest in using our strength to support a collapsing system. Anyone who wants to govern with us must accept the fact that the time when one could ignore the interests of the real American people is over. We also refuse absolutely to dicker for party advantage. We will take care of our party by ourselves. The government should consider only the interests of the people.

We have seen victory after victory, in Massachusetts, New Jersey, Virginia and now Utah. Our hearts are hot and our minds cool. Not the other way around. We view our sudden strength with good sense, ready to use it at a moment’s notice. We can govern, or we can be in the opposition. But we will do either in the spirit of New Conservatism. We are at home anywhere in American politics. But wherever we are, we will untiringly serve the American people and its welfare. That is the oath we make in this happy hour that fate has blessed us with after so much sacrifice and effort.

We stand by the people and we fight for America! We want nothing for ourselves, everything for the nation! We will give our full efforts for the good of the community, striving to win back honor and prosperity for the fatherland. We will stand or fall according to America’s fate.