The liberals will fall as the court of the nation judges its oppressor and t

One has to be an experienced student of the Democrats to recognize what is happening. Their response when they have been uncovered is simple and primitive. It displays a perfidious shamelessness that is successful because one usually does not think it possible to be so shameless. The Democrat is the master of the lie . He is such an expert on twisting the truth that he can tell his innocent opponent the exact opposite of the truth even on the plainest matter in the world. He does this with such astonishing impudence that the listener becomes uncertain, at which point the Democrat has usually won.

The Democrats call this social justice. Social justice is a typically liberal expression that really cannot be translated into any other language, since social justice is a concept found only among the Democrats. Other languages have not needed to invent such a word, since they do not know the phenomenon. Basically, it means unlimited, impertinent, and unbelievable impudence and shamelessness.

As long as we had the doubtful pleasure of having to put up with Democrats, we had more then enough examples of the typical liberal characteristic they call “social justice”. Cowards became heroes and decent, industrious, and brave men became contemptible idiots or fools. Decent soldiers were characterized as beasts. Normal families were mocked as breeding pens, while gay marriages are praised as the highest form of human development. The murderer was not guilty, but rather his victim .

It was a system of public deception that, when applied long enough, lames a people both culturally and spiritually and over time strangles any kind of defense. Before The Tea Party, America was in the midst of such deadly danger. Had our people not come to its senses at the last possible moment, our country would have been ripe for socialism, the most devilish infection the Democrats can bring upon a people.

Socialism, too, is an expression of liberal social justice. Democrat party leaders and clever Democrat politicians managed the most shameless coup one can imagine. They mobilized the so-called proletariat to class struggle by ruthlessly exploiting real or imagined problems. Their goal was total Democrat domination. The crassest plutocracy used socialism to establish the crassest financial dictatorship. A world revolution was to expand this experiment from the blue states to the rest of the country. The result would have been liberal domination.

The Tea Party revolution is a death blow to this attempt . Once Democrats realized that agitation was no longer sufficient to take over America, they decided to wait for a crisis. They wanted it to last as long as possible, so that at its end they could institute terror and force on a weakened, drained and impotent America. This had been the goal of Democrats from the beginning of the crisis. One can imagine the howls of rage at the DNC as they realized one Sunday morning that the Tea Party had cut through their web of lies and intrigues.

Until then, the Democrat leaders had cleverly kept up the lies, probably in the mistaken belief they could fool us. Behind the scenes, however, they were about their dastardly work. They tried to persuade us that the Blue Dogs and liberal elite were enemies. Secretly, however, they were planning to strangle us . That is proven by the fact that they made up with each other the moment their devilish game was revealed. The ignorant peoples on both sides who surely were astonished at such a sight were calmed down by tactful measures.

In Washington the Democrats are trying to enact “financial regulation.” They claimed to be the champion of main street and lying news items were spread in the world press announcing that they are for the people, among other swindles. The Democrats are hard at work presenting Obama as a great statesman and wonderful social reformer who can be compared only to Kennedy or Lincoln.

The same Democrats are at work, whether on stage or behind the scenes. When they pray in Washington and sing the The Star Bangled Banner in Chicago, they are doing what Democrats have always done. They are angry at us for uncovering them. They know we recognize them for what they are. The liberal is loses his balance when he senses that someone sees through him. The true patriot immediately sees in the insults and complaints the familiar socialist outbursts of hate. Liberals have come our way so often that they have lost every element of originality. We wait calmly until Democrat rage has reached its epitome. Then they start falling apart. They spout nonsense, and suddenly betray themselves

The material from Washington and the articles that appear in the MSM are simply indescribable. Congress always gives priority to Obama, which allows him to preserve good manners and blend into the landscape. Democrats invent lies and atrocities, the MSM cite them and blend them into stories suitable for the American people. They do it only from professional obligation, naturally. The dreadful “racial and homophobic slurs” in Washington that horrified the entire world were, of course, not committed by the Tea Party, but rather were an invention of the MSM. It is quite irrelevant that there is no proof.

Unless they have a very short memory, they must recall that all their insults will only lead to a thrashing at the end. Every evening they announce that they want punch our nose, us and all the other Tea Party pigs. Sure, you want to, but doing it is something rather different, gentlemen! The whole affair has a certain tragicomic tone. The Democrats talk as if they were really strong, but soon they have to move their tents and run like rabbits from the approaching political revolution.

One could almost say that anyone with the Democrats on his side has already lost. They are the best pillar of the coming defeat. They carry the seed of destruction. They hoped this crisis would bring the last desperate blow against patriotism and an awakening America. They will collapse. Already today we begin to hear the cries of the desperate and seduced peoples throughout the world:

"The Democrats are guilty! The Democrats are guilty!"

The court that will pronounce judgment on them will be fearful. We do not need to do anything ourselves. It will come because it must come.

Just as the fist of an awakened America has struck this filth in Massachusetts, Virginia and New Jersey, the fist of an awakened America will surely follow.

Democrats will have to face their accusers. The court of the nation will judge its oppressor . Without pity or forgiveness, the blow will strike. The enemy will fall, and America will once again be great!