Michele Bachmann really brings them out

This morning I was reading a mildly interesting story about the Iowa Straw Poll, and how six candidates “purchased real estate” for the Straw Poll via auction.  Frankly, I have never visited this event before, so the background and detail was new to me.

Anyway, halfway into the online article, the story takes a very strange twist.  Maybe because Michelle Bachmann is an Iowa native, the writer takes the opportunity to shift the focus of this Iowa Straw Poll article completely upon her.

It begins with this opening:

Bachmann was born in Waterloo and was only here until the sixth grade, but apparently, that was enough to leave her with a lasting impression.

“Everything I needed to know, I learned in Iowa,” Bachmann told Iowa reporters.


The Minnesota congresswoman said most people don’t know her Iowa story. Her family has seven generations of Iowans, with roots dating back to when her ancestors immigrated from Norway in the 1850s. She credits Iowa with giving her the values and voice she has today, with an emphasis on being frugal and not spending more than she take in. She said those values have guided her as a mother, tax lawyer, foster parent and member of Congress.  “I’ve taken those values and that voice to the halls of Congress,” Bachmann said. “Now, I want to take that Iowa voice to the White House.”

The writer then parlays that into quoting two Democrat operatives, I can only guess for balance:

Pat Sass, chairwoman of the Black Hawk County [home to Waterloo] Democratic Party and a board member of the League of Women Voters, said her support remains firmly behind President Barack Obama. She questioned Bachmann’s crediting Iowa for everything she needed to know.

“I can’t support her, I’m sorry. That’s just the way it is,” Sass said. “She was very young when she left here. I can’t believe that she got all of her knowledge from Waterloo. I’m just not believing it. I didn’t know anything about her up until when she said she was from here. I’m just not going to support her. I’m a Democrat all the way. I do not believe in her beliefs.”

And another for good measure:

State Rep. Todd Taylor, D-Cedar Rapids, said he believes Bachmann’s love of Iowa has more to do with wanting to woo Iowa caucus-goers. He said a person’s birthplace doesn’t necessarily determine a person’s allegiance.

“I see that for what it is,” Taylor said. “She can certainly claim birthright in Waterloo. So that’s fine. I was born in Ames. Am I (an Iowa State University) Cyclone fan? No. … I think that’s more of a play to appeal to the Iowa caucus-goers.”

It is cause for me to wonder, is it some kind of minimum requirement that liberal Democrats must have no sense of humor?  Do these people ever think beyond face value?  Do these Democrats honestly think their analysis or criticism is profound?  Or even relevant?

I am not sure if the “all I have ever needed to know” line is a regional thing, but I was pretty sure “everyone” knows it sort of a term of endearment.  It took all of a minute on The Google™ to find silly T-shirts with this saying.  Apparently, neither of these people received a T-shirt from a loving grandparent saying “All I ever needed to know I learned from Grandpa.”


Yes, the line is a total sop to Iowa voters.  I get that.  I am fine with that.  I don’t expect Mrs. Bachmann to trumpet that line anywhere outside Iowa.  You would have to be somewhere around the level of grade-school intelligence to not be able to see this and figure that out.  But I repeat myself…

Of course this also makes me wonder if one juicy side benefit to a Michelle Bachmann campaign could be that she will bring these intellectual lightweights out of the woodwork, like moths to a light.  Or like Bildeberger tin-foil hat types to a blog ban-fest.


To further the evidence, we have the whole glitter-bomb (EPIC FAIL) event at RightOnline last weekend:

So I already liked Michelle Bachmann, but maybe her effect on lefties will help keep the primary season extra entertaining.

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