a few notes to myself (Closed)

[Editor’s note: this is a great example of low intensity trolling.]

a conservative friend, mourning Romney, accuses me of betraying my own principles. “You’re basically a conservative! 5 years ago you could have written for RedState!” Ironically, I joined Redstate waaay farther back than that (on board since v1.0, basically) and used to jawbone about buried WMDs with the Old Guard. I never managed to land on frontpage, though (pro-choice) Steven den Beste did at least once.

Here in Wisconsin we are pretty laid back about politics, actually. I’m, well, you know. But its pretty common even here in Madison to find folks who were Romney supporters all the way, and there’s a big chunk of folk who voted for Obama in either 08/12 or both and who pulled for Walker in the recall.

The thing is, I come out of 2012 with a sour taste in my mouth. Yeah, I did my part for my guy, but not happily. There are issues both domestic and foreign on which I really don’t see eye to eye and that’s probably because of my conservative tendency. Bottom line, if I wasn’t muslim I might have voted Romney. I don’t know.

There is a conservative movement I want to be a part of. It’s the conservative folk here in Wisconsin, who agree with me that there’s something immoral about all the benefits of economic growth accruing only to a small few. They agree with me that there’s something deeply troubling about a world view that labels their neighbors as “government dependent” or that sneers at them for voting because they were promised “gifts”. They agree with me that there should be a limit to a President’s authority, even and especially in times of war. They agree with me that freedom of religion is like freedom of speech – an absolute. They agree with me that the scientific establishment deserves trust and benefit of the doubt.

I mean, Tammy freaking Baldwin won over Tommy freakin’ Thompson here! How on earth did that happen if not for very normal conservative folk looking at the national stage and thinking, “not my values” ? It’s astonishing how loud a message can be and yet how blind the people who need most to receive it are.

There’s a conservative movement growing today, and it’s not the Tea Party. I’m going to use this small corner of the internet to explore it and watch it carefully, to see if it grows quickly enough to be of use to me.