The last word on the Palin emails...from Jon Stewart!

I must admit, I was nervous about the Palin email release last Friday (brilliant move by Parnell to release them on a Friday, BTW!). Not that I thought she had done anything wrong or that there would be anything really bad in them. But as mbecker had predicted, I expected a slow drip, drip, drip of moderately negative releases that would chisel away at what is left of her favorable ratings. I mean, seriously, who among us could survive without embarrassment the release of 24,000 of our emails? Well, apparently Sarah Palin can. Not only did the media not find anything truly shocking, but they actually were forced to admit that many of the emails made Sarah look quite good.

Well, if there were any worry about lingering emails that somehow the thousands of Palin-haters missed on that first day, Jon Stewart has put that worry to rest. With this clip from his show, I suspect that the Palin email story is dead and buried. As they say, the narrative is set…