A message to fans of Sarah Palin

This is not a diary to spark debate over Sarah Palin and her qualifications to run for president.  I’m not even looking for a discussion.  This is strictly an advocacy diary.  And I think this message is a good one irrespective of whether Palin runs in 2012, or later, or never runs for public office again.

I posted the message below as a note on my Facebook page.  I would encourage any of you who are Palin fans, or even those who aren’t Palin fans but agree with the content, to spread this message around through whatever media you use.  You may use my verbiage, or better yet, write a similar message in your own words. We can do our part to help change (hopefully) the public perception of Palin as polarizing and extremist.  While this is clearly a pro-Palin exercise, I do believe a more positive public perception of Palin is also in the best interest of the Conservative movement. It may turn out to be a futile exercise, but I feel strongly enough about this to give it a try.

Again, if you don’t like Palin, please move on to the next diary.  I’m not looking to start a fight here.  I view RedState as a discussion site, a political action site, and an advocacy site. This falls into the latter two categories. I do, however, welcome any constructive comments or suggestions. Thanks for your interest.

This is a serious message especially for any of my friends who had decided that you do not like Sarah Palin. Now that the Palin email witch hunt has happened, we know with certainty that Palin was a hard-working, knowledgeable, and engaged governor, a public servant who was more committed to working for the good of the citizens of Alaska than in playing partisan politics. We now have had demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that the media and the Democrat party have spent 3 years on a mission to destroy this good woman with lies, innuendo, and ridicule. Not only have they failed (she is still standing and still smiling and working for America), but they have been exposed as frauds and liars.

All I ask is that you see the truth in my first paragraph, and take a second look at Sarah Palin…the REAL Sarah Palin. Not the caricature the media has created, not the vindictive characterization created by Tina Fey. The real Sarah. Maybe see the new documentary about her rise in Alaska that is due in theaters starting this week. Maybe read one of her two books. At the very least, read the email ‘Trig birth announcement’ that I shared in a post a few minutes ago. All I ask is that you take another look at her with an open mind. You may disagree with her politics, and that’s ok. I don’t expect everyone to agree with her, or me. But what I cannot stand is for people to be judged unfairly on a deliberately inaccurate characterization.

She may or may not run for president in 2012. Most observers think she won’t. I think it’s a 50-50 proposition. But whether or not she ever runs for public office again, I believe she has much to offer in contributing to the national debate over the direction and future of our nation. I sincerely hope that you, and many other Americans, will make your own judgment of Sarah Palin, based on the truth and not what her enemies would have you think about her.

Thanks, and God bless America!