Alternative RedState 2012 Preference Poll

The engineer in me can’t stand it anymore! I love Erick’s front-page 2012 polls, and I encourage you to continue to participate. But there seem to be a number of comments about folks coming from other sites to sway the poll, as well as comments about “missing” candidates. So I’m posting this as an open thread for a different kind of poll.

Here are my “rules”:
1. Post your votes publicly as comments to this diary (this will limit it to RedState members).
2. List your TOP 3 candidates in ranked order (#1=favorite, #2=2nd favorite, #3=3rd favorite).
3. You MUST list 3 candidates or I will not count your votes. I will accept “None of the Above” as one of your votes.
4. Please do not add any narrative to your votes to keep the page size down.
5. I will leave this “open” until noon EST on Tuesday, then tally the votes.
6. Votes will be assigned by points (1st choice = 4 points, 2nd choice = 2 points, 3rd choice = 1 point)
7. This is just for fun as an alternative way to conduct a poll.

My apologies to Erick if you don’t like me doing this in a diary! I suppose you could always shut down comments if you want to, but I hope you won’t. 🙂