Some very interesting poll results re: Palin

While this poll has potential 2012 ramification, it also has significance for the current battles with Obama/Pelosi/Reid and the 2010 elections.

The conventional wisdom is that Sarah Palin is a *polarizing* figure who has no appeal outside of the very limited radical right-wing base. But check out this paragraph from the above-referenced poll article:

President Obama recently stated that he “probably won’t” read Sarah Palin’s new book. But his possible opponent in the 2012 elections trails him in personal favorability by only seven points (54 percent to 47 percent). Among the critical segment of independent voters, they are virtually even (Obama at 50 percent; Palin at 49 percent).

I report this result not to toot Palin’s horn or say how great she is (as much as I might like to!), but just to highlight a possibly fatal flaw in the conventional wisdom. And her interview performances to date have been pretty decent, so these numbers might be even better a few weeks from now.

And on an anecdotal note: I don’t personally know a lot of people who voted for Obama. I tend to hang out with good conservatives (Boy Scouts, work, church). But I have talked to no fewer than four acquaintances this week who all voted for Obama, now regret it, and voluntarily told me that they watched Palin’s Oprah and/or Baba Wawa interview and now have a completely different opinion of Sarah. It’s a small sample and not quantitative, but I have a gut feeling that this kind of thing is creeping into the national psyche.

Whether you like her or not, she may be in a position soon to play a big role in accelerating the conservative resurgence. Time will tell…