OPEN THREAD - Pledge Delta Tau Chi


The Obama administration continues to treat dissenters with disdain and put-downs. We’ve been called mobsters, right-wing extremists, domestic terrorists, and even silly. So now today, Baghdad Bob Gibbs likens us to Bluto and his buddies from Animal House for being concerned about Obama’s school speech tomorrow.

You would think by now that Obama, being as brilliantly gifted as he is, might have figured out that putting down half or more of the voters in the country would be politically, well, stupid! But now, he’s really screwed up. Everyone loves the Delta House buddies: Bluto, Pinto, Boon, Otter, Flounder, D-Day, Stork, etc. They are fun-loving and stand up against the evil administration.

Now, Obama and Gibbs have put themselves directly on the side of the Omega’s, the snobby, rich, elitist bunch that everyone hates. So I hope they now enjoy being thought of as Barack ‘Niedermeyer’ Obama, Joe ‘Marmalard’ Biden, and Bobby ‘Diller’ Gibbs. So, to Obama and his administration full of Socialists, Commies, and other assorted political misfits, I say “EAT ME“!

Consider this a holiday open thread and a request to $peciallist and 6eorge Jetson to come up with some really cool photoshops along this theme!