Conservative Name Calling - OPEN THREAD

Seems like a nice topic for a Friday afternoon.

Over the last 8 years, the lefties (in AND out of the press) succeeded immensely in painting caricatures of the key members of the Bush administration. They did this often by associating certain characteristics (true or not!) with each person and ALWAYS including these characteristics whenever they discussed these folks.

For example, President Bush was rarely mentioned without some synonym of the word ‘stupid’ (dunce, village idiot, clueless, etc) and VP Cheney was rarely mentioned without a synonym of ‘dangerous’. This has been a liberal tactic for decades.

Conservatives have, I guess, been more reluctant to get involved in this type of name calling, preferring instead to focus on issues. But this is a very effective tactic. It helps to shape the opinions of those who don’t follow politics closely. Only the strength of conservative principles has been able to occasionally trump this word association trick. I am proposing that we, as conservatives and members of the RS Army, start using this tactic. For example, we could make sure that every time Barack Obama is discussed, that he is associated with the word ‘arrogant’. This is not truly name calling if you choose descriptive and accurate terms rather than inflammatory names.

So consider this an open thread for you to suggest words to associate with different members of the Obamadministration. Here’s just a couple ideas to start with:

Barack Obama: arrogant
Joe Biden: flibbertigibbet, or our foot-in-mouth VP
Rahm Emanuel: partisan, or master manipulator, something like that
Robert Gibbs: bumbling
Nancy Pelosi: geez, can’t think of anything non-inflammatory here

anyway, you get the idea.

P.S. Rush and Hannity already have some terms that they repeat often, like ‘Dingey’ Harry Reid, Rahm ‘Dead Fish’ Emmanuel, etc. We can continue to use those terms or make up some more. The idea is to be consistent as possible in associating these terms with their ‘owners’.