Larry King will do our thinking for us! Hoo-rah!

Jeez, just heard this on Rush. Here’s a part of the transcript from last night’s (4/2) Larry King Live. Guests were Penn Jillette, James Carville, Terry Holt, and Stephanie Miller.

KING: If [Obama’s] programs, Penn, brought about health insurance that pleased all, taxes that pleased most, a better way of life for a lot of people, then that’s the kind of success you would think you’d like.

JILLETTE: I would think that if you please everybody on anything, you’re doing something wrong. But, luckily, there’s no chance of that. I just think that individuals are more important than a whole kind of group thing and that individuals can do more than a top down kind of thinking. I don’t think the government can solve all of our problems or should try.

HOLT: Amen

KING: OK. But, Terry, we do have 300 million people, Terry.

CARVILLE: Right. Yes.

HOLT: Well, and…

KING: And you can be individuals as much as you like.

HOLT: We do…

KING: Somebody has got to think for the masses.

(Emphasis added)
Wow, that about sums up the liberal thought process, doesn’t it. Terry Holt (Bush-Cheney 2004 spokesman) then responded nicely to King, but watch what King says after!

HOLT: We do. But we — but the government shouldn’t be in the business of picking winners and losers. Penn’s right. We should all be in a system of liberty where people can succeed and fail and where merit plays a certain role. If you’re going to help everybody, then what about the guy that worked hard enough — I mean, in some cases, in this — in this budget that Barack Obama is promoting, the small businessman who succeeds, grows the business, hires people, is going to get slapped with the highest tax in the country.


HOLT: In other words, because he succeeded, he’s going to be punished. And there’s something wrong with that kind of policy.

KING: Well, you might have that wrong.

(Again, emphasis added.)

Next time some idiot like Larry King says these kinds of stupid things, I wish someone would say:

American slaves pre-Civil War had:

  • Free housing
  • Free food
  • Guaranteed jobs for life
  • No need to save for retirement
  • Zero taxes
  • A “leader” to think for them

Sounds like a statist’s utopia, doesn’t it? (end sarcasm)
Wish just once, someone would throw that up in Larry King’s face!