Obama survival kit - Disney style

(Ok, if this is not really a diary-worthy topic, I apologize in advance.  But it made an impact on me, and if it helps even one of you feel the way I did, it will be worth getting scolded for posting as a diary! 🙂 ).

If you’re like me, and I know a lot of you are, you’ve been feeling pretty down lately about the direction that the socialists in the White House and Congress are bent on taking this country.  Every day, it seems that the news gets worse and worse.  Our new president is clearly not up to tackling the real problems the country faces, and seems intent on doing nothing but trying to cement his own (& his party’s) power.  It seems sometimes like there are SO many people who just don’t want to see what’s going on.

I’ve been encouraged a little recently by things like Glenn Beck’s 912 project and the tea parties, but it still feels like we’re pulling against the tide.

Tonight, I was up late doing some laundry.  The wife and kids are in bed, it was midnight, and I had several loads of clothes to fold.  So I decided to turn on the tube for some background while I folded.  Nothing good was on the regular movie channels, but I saw an interesting-looking 2004 TV movie on the Disney Channel called ‘Tiger Cruise’.  It starred Bill Pullman as the XO on an aircraft carrier which was taking a bunch of family members (including a bunch of kids) on a short cruise to show them what happens onboard.  Hayden Panatierre played Pullman’s daughter, who went along hoping to convince Pullman’s character to retire so he would be home more.

To make a long story short (and not to be too much of a spoiler), 9/11 happens while they are at sea.  The movie isn’t Academy-award material, and it’s a bit unrealistic in its portrayal of the freedom that the kids seem to have to roam about the ship at will.  However, the message that is brought home is one of duty, honor, and country.  The performances by both Pullman and Panatierre, and several other cast members, are moving and authentic.  It really brought back to me the feeling of 9/12 that Glenn Beck is trying to promote with the 912 project.  Not only did it move me to remember the feelings of patriotism and unity that we ALL felt that fateful week, but it also recharged my spirits to work even harder to fight what is happening now.

Our families, children (mine are 17, 10 and 8), and grandchildren are too important for us to sit back and watch Harry Obamelosi destroy everything that this country was founded on and has stood for for 230+ years.  We must stand up and work to protect the values and principles for which those long-ago patriots, and millions of men and women in and out of uniform since, fought.  Never give up!

If you need a recharge like I did, consider getting your family together and renting or watching ‘Tiger Cruise’.  If it’s on TV, record it and pass it to your friends.  If you find it on DVD, buy or rent it.  You’ll be glad you did.