MSNBC duped by Palin Africa story

So, some creative bloggers with a sense of humor made MSNBC look like fools (not really that hard to do!):MSNBC duped by Palin Africa story

This really got me thinking. During the campaign, there was a daily drumbeat of negative stories re: Sarah Palin (Campbell Brown on CNN was a one-woman anti-Palin machine, cranking out often multiple stories per day trying to trash Palin’s reputation).

I wonder if someone looked into the sources for all these negative stories? (that was a rhetorical question, btw). I’ll bet many of them, if one dug deep enough, can be traced to folks who were pulling similar stunts to the folks in the story linked at the beginning of this diary entry. And it would not be the least bit surprising if most of those didn’t connect back eventually (though well-concealed I’m sure) to David Axelrod. “Astroturfing” is his specialty, and this reaks of that kind of tactic. As I recall, there was an anti-Palin video that went viral that one blog site was able to tie back to a company hired by Axelrod.

How many more were there, and what effect did that have on the election. Maybe we’ll never know. Or maybe some of you are “sleuthy” enough to find out…