The Palin drinking game

On the SNL spook of the VP debate, I got a kick out of Tina Fey’s reference to a drinking game purportedly played by viewers who took a swig every time Sarah said the word “maverick”.

Even though I don’t drink, I’ve taken to playing a similar game over the last several weeks. At least several times a day, I click to CNN.com and, if there is a negative story about Sarah Palin on the list of story links, I eat a small candy bar (ok, so I’ve gained a few pounds during the campaign!).

You can turn this into a drinking game (shouldn’t probably do it at work, though!) or whatever other ritual you prefer. The other option is to make a bet with a co-worker that there will be a bash-Palin story there, and maybe you can get a free lunch out of the deal! You could probably pull this on several co-workers and get numerous free lunches before they catch on.

You could also appear extremely prescient and bet your friends that, not only will there be a negative Palin story, but that it will also have a Campbell Brown byline.

Try it, and send me a mini candy bar if it works for you!

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