Totally Clear Politics

Are you, like me, tired of trying to watch the RCP average and glean the truth from it? I got tired of the RCP average being skewed by the non-daily tracking polls, like Pew, Newsweek, NBC/WSJ, ABC/WaPo, CBS/NYT, etc. which are only released weekly or less (except recently ABC). Plus, most of these polls use outrageously high Dem weighting to skew the numbers for Obama.

I just created a blog where I will publish daily a chart that averages the “reliable” daily trackers (Rasmussen, Gallup-traditional and expanded, IBD/TIPP, GWU/Battleground, Zogby, Diageo/Hotline, and Research 2000). OK, I know that R2K is the DailyK#@’s poll, but it has at least been consistent even if it does skew a few points towards Obama.

You can see this chart at:totally clear politics

There has been a definite tightening over the last 4 days, though we’ll have to watch over the next few days to see if this is sustained.

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