Next presidential candidate

Time is running out to be able to pick freely and widely among all the unpolished stones to choose from. A strong candidate is needed who not only is exceptional, but also can win over a broader coalition and forge own paths when needed. Hesitation here will not end very well. Here are some of the things I will be looking for.

*Age of 45-65: We need a candidate that projects enough vitality and youth appeal to reach out broadly. It should be someone who at least knows something about popular culture, latest in sports and can connect with people better than the elite.

*Profession as non-lawyer:  I want someone who is reasonably unexposed to the legal jumble and capillary network and instead can think big and delegate. Someone who likes to use the 10X magnification of a microscope instead of the 1000 and oil immersion.

*Very fit: The next ten years will be about transforming out general health into a fit population. This will have to be guided by someone who personally radiates this. No smoking, or “significant” history of drug use can be accepted as well. Here, I also truly believe the individual cannot be anti-socer in any ways either, or project such.

*Good core heart, but unpredictable for pundits. Strength of leadership in itself will drive enough good things and steer clear of minutiae garbage.

*I don’t think we will have a chance if electing a pro-life candidate.

*Married and children: I don’t think we can have a president without family or kids. You could never understand or reach the protective mode of a parent and then you could not take care of people as passionate either.

*More of a leader than a politician. Figure out most of the politics stuff later on. It cannot get any worse than today.


I think this is a start as far as I am looking for to face off Hillary when that time comes. Anyone else would just make it easier. Prepare for the worst and if you get lucky, you may even meet something easier. This is quite an unorthodox approach, but only by building up a candidate even before primaries, we can avoid others picking our candidate again. It is time for both Iowa and New Hampshire to lose their kingmaker status. They simply do not deserve to do this every election…


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