Soccer, I mean Futbol, now FOOTBALL!!


Full disclosure, I am about as football (soccer) crazy as you can get. I follow at least 15 different national leagues, have watched every WC game and even the old ones. I am also a Sounder fan of new. My roots are deeply embedded into the heart of Northern European football. To say it short, I die and breathe the beautiful game.

Now, to the REAL story. I have noted that there is an increasing tendency for political correctness, neutering and subtle liberal inroads into US SOCCER. IMHO, this can be devastating for the other side (you guys). I think it would be a stretch to call myself a republican. I am more of a classic socialist with regards to how it should work, everybody pull their own load and the worker should be able to go home to a house he got a mortgage for. Besides that, I doubt I fit into the corporate democrat model either, so some of an outcast, I will remain.

I note an increasing amount of conservative-like people at times try to be funny or disparage the sport. Most liberals do not know anything about the game (either), but they are (at this time) clever enough to see the niche here.  Ann Coulter’s note was absolutely a miss and OFF target, I would say. If she was an artillery gunner, she would have hit her own fire command. In any case, this is something I have sensed and noted. Something that turns many conservatives off is the “global appeal” to it, but anyone should be comfortable enough in their skin to come for this fight.  I am as anti-globalst as you can be, but this doesn’t stop from seeing WC.

Many of our stars are GREAT americans and representatives of the nation. I am sure many watched some of the games and have by now gotten a  more firm grasp of this. How much does this matter? If anything? It matters so much that in most nations in Europe there is very little meddling with the sports from politicians. The sport is growing in bonds and leaps every day in the USA now and has THE MOST ACTIVE SOCCER PLAYERS OF ANY COUNTRY IN TH E WORLD!!! Die-hard republicans I know send their daughter of 4 to play and there is zero agendas. I think it will become THE sport in the USA within sport time and I am by no means disparaging the NFL or baseball as I am sure they will still be vibrant and present.

Next WC is in Russia in 2018. me&my family are FOR SURE going. Are you?


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