Time for unity!!


If anything but a strong and cohesive candidate is built&developed in good time, at least by early 2016, I think the democrat apparatus will definitely capitalize upon thais in a major way. Ads floating our internal strife, fraught with the worst examples one can find, along with war on women, racism and “tea Party”, may even be enough for the dems to put us on the defensive. Also, the longer it goes until we got a strong leader, the tougher it will be for a strong one to emerge without being destroyed early on.

It has taken me the last 6 years to realize that the enemy is NOT within, but actually the real one outside as before. While supporting Ron Paul and backing a clear and real chance is still something I believe in, I now realize how incredibly damaging this is to any chance of getting rid of Obama, or whoever is following him.  Identity politics is also likely to be more attractive  to play against a splintered party, especially when you can find negative examples standing out.

Therefore, what I am asking for is a collective disciplining of conduct and a whole-hearted consensus that whoever is backed needs to be fully backed.


competitor at this time. At this moment, they are in a strong defensive position and a headlong blind attack will end up like Omaha beach without a certain win at end of day.  Where to start? (or continue)? I don’t know.. I just got into this game a few hours ago and before that it was merely amusement. Ready to do my part, including monetarily, but not without a strong leader..