Medvedev "congratulates" his t..., I mean Obama

** Biden said Obama would be tested within 6 months, what about 6 hours? The Russian (official) declaration of intention to station missiles close to the Polish border was expected, especially with an Obama victory, but the speed and timing of their official decreet is nothing but statesmanship of highest level.

This, at the same time as Medvedev intends to amend the constitution so Putin could return, tells every taxpayer that unless something is done NOW (and not ahead of senate elections in two years), this will soon become a strategic quagmire for BHO, and possibly all of us, unless we do something. JMC would have been perfect in this role, but that is missing the point -> because this would never have happened if Mc Cain had won, at least not in this way. Hopefully Obama doesn’t talk about moderation when Lublin is floded with Russian BTR’s, the air is full of helicopters and the Baltic Russian fleet is on full alert. The wrong solution to this threat is EXCACTLY what Obama wil do. Remove any intention of missile defense in Europe and scrap the program. Not only would you save money, but you could spend more on welfare handouts and salaries to teachers.

Now, one might wonder, what would have happened if this message was released two weeks ago? For one thing, it would have completely SHUT DOWN the economic turmoil news and pobably kept Mc Cain’s momentum going. Too late to be sorry, too late to cry, but it is just a very omenous portent over the strategic position Russia got themselves in while our government has been crippled, demonized and agitated against for the last 8 years. America will survive an Obama, but will Europe as we know it? Likewise, who’s gonna bail them out again? Would Obama employ Mc Cain as secretary of state here? No change. Just like granted Hillary any mercy, neither would he to Mc Cain, even though he probably would have taken it. In any case, his hands would be tied since this is an issue that require 110% sync for total success.

Politically the next Republican president will not dare to raise a single arms unless we are under DIRECT attack. If the prize of taking pr-emptive action is such a horrid wilting as Bush has experienced the last years, I doubt anyone would do it again (maybe with the exception of Mc Cain). I LOVE the US millitary and I support our presidents, but a new bail-out of Europe is NOT something I would allow my kids to take part of, NO WAY!!

Which raises my LAST issue. Bush might be “hated” by agitiation and ignorance, but our enemies don’t hate us anymore, they FEAR us. It will take destructions beyond comparison for many people to realize that. Think about this next time you socially bend over to “be nice” when somebody is demonizing Bush, but probably don’t even know when Hitler lived..

“Ain’t no better cure than prevention”.