Why McCain For Today?

Since America is voting in less than a month. I need America to make the right choice to continue on to 2009-future without making America have a bad face. Since we are still in the middle east and the new commander in cheif will come to the White House there will be good and bad decisions on hand from citizens like us. SO THE BEST CHOICE IS GOING TO START NOW.

First the war, the most hottest subject for years. The War-On-Terror is still going but I can tell you the War in Iraq is finished sice the capture of Saddam Hussien. We have sucessfully removed the worst dictator in the early 21st century on record. The War in Iraq is now the Stablization and Support Phase of Iraq. Our 2nd war is over my friends. We still need to capture the most horrifing and headachy person in the world. Osama Bin Laden is still out there willing to target the world and cause headache. If we draw out, it equals failure and unaccountable distaers around the world, mostly in America. We’ll make ourselfs equal to failure, stupid, selfish and brainless.

Second the economy. We need to make everyone equal on taxes other than states. All classes deserve equal taxes. No cut on high and low class but make middle class people equal to high and low. That defines that there are no classes. We are all human! Horray! Health Insurance should be provided to all people who only have money between basic living (eat and sleep) and none. People should all deserve break on taxes in the summer and people should all be able to continue on their living without severe financial problems.

Third the expirence. The most important on the leader of the country. We need a person that can support America without any crazy useless ideas. We also need to make our country back to pre-economic crisis state. That is why we need the one and only person who will lead one of the most powerful countries around the world. That one and only person is John McCain and his one and only supportive Sarah Palin. We need them to continue our country without any negative effect on our reputation and economy. We need them to continue our country with pride and glory like pre-economy crisis state. Last but not least we need them to revive America’s spirit and energy!

Support John McCain and Sarah Palin, the leader we have been waiting for to bring back our troops and pride, glory, spirit and energy without any hassel what-so-ever. Please do a smart way to keep moving on.