C17Wife has encouraged me to speak up.

WARNINGThis is a Biblical perspective and intended for Christians and their ilk. May have adverse effects on trolls.

After reading the numerous comments on C17Wifes’s diary and having much personal rumination over this election cycle I thought I would share my personal and biblical perspective on God’s will. I do not claim to be a biblical scholar and I do not profess to be a model Christian. However, I do have the complete New Testament on audio CD and my wife coerced me to teach Sunday school with her. So take from this what you will.

My wife thought it important her and I spend a week in Hawaii as an investment in our marriage. God wants us to have a happy marriage so of course we should spend the money on a trip to Hawaii. God also blessed us with three years same as cash for that new flat screen. Three years same as cash must be part of God’s great plan. He has blessed us with the money to build that new house and buy that new car. God is good.

I have to admit that when I look at what I have claimed to be God’s will for my life it does not really match up with the God I hear about on my audio Bible or the God I teach first graders about. In fact it sounds much like the will of a man–this man.

God has blessed my wife and me with great jobs and steady paychecks. While there is nothing evil about buying a new car or going to Hawaii I have had to ask myself what it means to be a good steward of what God has given me. Would going to the inner city for a week with my wife teaching inner city children the Gospel and useful job skills been a better investment in our marriage and the Kingdom of Christ? Is it the lack of Christian charity that is responsible for our society actually on the verge of voting socialism? I mean socialism as Marx defined it not “black” as the Kansas City Star defined it.

This is where I will make my point. If we who profess to be Christian can so easily fall into our own will so quickly and squander resources given to us by God to do his will then how horrible would it be for us to have the government in charge.

If you are a Christian then I see no possible reason how you could vote for Obama with a clear heart. However, as a Christian we are called to minister to the poor and feed the hungry. Here in Kansas City we hear daily cries for help from local food pantries who have empty shelves. We watched a home for battered women close down do to lack of funding. If we are not doing our part then we are only encouraging and bringing the downfall of our great nation and its freedoms by making “spreading the wealth” around seem like the more moral option.

As John Adams said “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” It is our duty to vote but our privilege to serve. Let’s be capitalist and gain personal financial wealth but let’s not forget who gave us the ability and freedom to make that wealth. Let’s combat socialism with charity.