Ah, the Twists and Turns

o, I am watching my daughter play a high school softball game a few days ago. I am focused not on the strange events of the past weekends Wisconsin Republican Convention (for once) but on how are our girls going to win. Then the I-phone goes off. As I read the news alert all I can say is, “Unbelievable!”. Terrence Wall had dropped out of the race to replace Russ Feingold as US Senator from Wisconsin.

It really didn’t surprise me. Terrence had been gunning to win the Republican endorsement for almost seven months. He had attended only GOP functions, and he had courted the GOP elite and other life long members to join his “Senators Club”; max out your contribution and receive special access to Mr. Wall.

In the referenced WisPolitics.com article, Mr. Wall’s ‘Honorary Campaign Co-Chairs’–what does that term mean anyway–are going to back Mr. Johnson because, “He is the choice of the convention”. That’s what I like, less than 1,000 delegates telling the voters of Wisconsin how to cast their vote! Another ‘great’ quote; “I think…we should coalesce around the favored candidate.” And I think we should hope for more change, too!!

O.K. the sarcasm meter is broken now. Seriously, can’t people make up their own minds? Are voters really dumb enough to vote based on the recommendation of a really small percentage of people? Are voters too lazy to find out what a candidate is all about? Are voters apathetic enough to let a rich man’s money do all the talking for him? Can voters get up off the recliner and go talk to a candidate, or must they be spoon fed mass media’s opinion?

I have always been proud to be a ‘Wisconsinite’. I have been proud of our work ethic. I have always thought that in Wisconsin we do our own thing, that no one tells us what to do. I always thought the people of Wisconsin really cared about what a person thought–apparently, I have been wrong. This election my shake my belief in the state of Wisconsin as a great place to live and raise a family. Or maybe, just maybe, it will shake my belief that the Republican party is part of the problem. Maybe Republicans will wake up, arise, and snatch the change in the air, and go and talk to a candidate. Maybe Wisconsinites will take ownership in their own lives, and make a difference not just for all of Wisconsin, but for all of America. The election of November 2010 is Wisconsin’s chance. SEIZE IT!!