Toward a Brighter Future: 4 Steps Regular Americans Can Take Right Now

Rush Limbaugh hit on an interesting topic the other day. He was talking about how when conservatives win elections, everything we try is obstructed by the left, and everything we actually attain is undone the next election, when the dims win. He specifically attributed this to two things: (1) willingness on the part of the democrats to fight dirty, and (2) a refusal of republicans to reciprocate. In other words, we bring a wet noodle to their knife fight. 

Let me share my own observation re: Mr. Limbaugh and conservatives in general. We’re very good at identifying the problem. We’re not so good at proposing solutions. When I say ‘we’, I am speaking generally, recognizing that there are exceptions. This is always present in my mind when I hear a conservative make a salient point about some problem that is frustrating all of our efforts to restore our country. It always makes me ask ‘Okay, so what do we do about it?’

So when Rush (God bless him) finished ranting about this, I asked, ‘Okay, so what do we do about it?’ As far as I heard, he started in this direction by saying ‘the agressor sets the rules’, but beyond that, not much.

So I got to thinking.

I thought of what has worked in conservative activism, especially in the last 2 years; then I thought of how regular folks like myself, who don’t have extra money or high-placed contacts could put some of these things to use, and I came up with four items, which follow.

One quick note before I enumerate these items. In this diary, I am going to give the ‘Reader’s Digest’ version of each. I will follow with four more entries, each focusing on one of these items, for those who find this interesting. If you do like these, please read the follow up because i will include key things that I cannot touch upon here.

1. Get involved in the Precinct Committeeman project. A popular term in 2009 and 2010 was ‘fundamental transformation’. Well, this project can effect a fundamental transformation of the republican party. The Precinct Committeemen determine the kind of candidates we get to vote for in primaries and therefore elections. I know you’ve held your nose in elections past, disgusted that you have to settle for some RINO sleazebag or wimp. There IS a way to end the pain: change the candidates. And the PC project shows you how. RedState’s very own ColdWarrior tirelessly writes and promotes this project; his posts are how I discovered it. I myself have found out that in my district, the seats are full. Nevertheless, I am going to start attending meetings so I can learn how it all works in detail, and then when the time is right, I may even be honored with the responsibility of being a PC. Even if for whatever reason you can’t get directly involved, there are ways to help, such as researching what goes into becoming a PC and making a website about it. I will put more in my next entry, coming soon.

2. Get involved in your local media. Politicians are concerned with how they are being portrayed in the media, it’s true. But this goes double for their home districts. I had a recent experience with a high state official (a good guy, BTW), whom I interviewed for a small publication in his home district. His level of concern with how he’d be portrayed was palpable. There is a definite psychology to having your picture, biographical info and quotes written on paper or on a website somewhere. And there is also an understanding that if the wrong person (i.e., an editor for a major publication, a political opponent) picks up the wrong story, you could be in for a lot of bother. So you can use media to (a) deal with bad apples and (b) to keep the ‘good’ guys in check. You can sharpen your writing skills here at RedState. After you think your skills are good enough, try getting on with an existing publication. If that’s not your thing, try starting your own blog or website. You can use a resource called WordPress to easily make your own blog. There are also tools for making your own website. If you have a question about technical aspects of making a site, let me know. I know a fair bit about it, and I’ll be glad to lend a hand if I can. (Sorry, I’m not an artist, though.)

3. Look into starting a PAC or other non-profit political organization. Why? So you can legally raise money to run good ads in key districts, that’s why. Imagine if right now we had a cool $2 million to run ads in Boehner’s or Cantor’s districts, regarding the squishiness on the funding battle. Remember as we said above, these guys are very sensitive to what goes on in their own districts, regarding media. I know you’ve had the frustrating experience of watching milquetoast political ads during election season, screaming at the tv and everyone in the room with you ‘why didn’t they mention x,y,z?!’ Well, if you can start your own organization, you can ensure that the right kind of ads are run.

4. Put together a ‘holy grail’ plan. Rush has consistently mentioned that Obamacare sat in a drawer somewhere for 40 years, put there by dims waiting for the right time to come so they could put everything they wanted into reality. It’s about time we start doing the same. There are a lot of smart people here; we should put our heads together to come up with things we would like to see our elected officials implement when we put them in power. We need to distill those things into a definite agenda. Then, when we use PC slots (above) to get the right kinds of candidates and local media and PAC activities to help get them elected, we have a friendly, but serious meeting with them. ‘We put you into power to see x, y and z done. Now we expect it. And if you start getting nervous about the dims and the lamestream media’s reaction, you had better know this: our reaction will make theirs look like a weak moan. And when some lobbyist comes encouraging you to go against the will of the people, you tell them you are already beholden to a special interest: the American people.’ If they ignore our promise (not threat), we use our media and PACs to make them feel the heat.

The above are just suggestions. The idea is to get a discussion about specific tactics and strategies going, and to offer some ideas to folks itching to get into the game. I hope you have found this post worth your time. Thanks for reading.