Sorry, folks, Shirley Sherrod is still a racist, as her own words betray.



Above is a link to a 2:36 excerpt of Shirley Sherrod’s account of supposedly realizing the error of her ways, you know, the part that is supposed to absolve her of any current racism. Well, go the 1:50 mark and you’ll hear her say this:


That’s when it was revealed to me that it’s about poor versus those who have. It’s not so much about white… it is about white and black, but it’s not you know…it opened my eyes.

(All emphasis mine.)

Just a few words. But they say so much. They betray the fact that Sherrod has not abandoned her racist viewpoint, but that she has added a piece to the puzzle that is her worldview:  that piece is marxism. From where I stand, it seems that she didn’t realize that it was wrong to view the world through the lens of color, but that it is wrong to view the world solely through that lens. Her words seem to strongly indicate that the solution is to add the filter of class.

To be honest, I am surprised how many good, smart people seem to be overlooking these key words (q.v. Beck yesterday). They play the part right before, and in some cases, even the above words themselves, but they seem to just gloss over them. It seems to me that this piece of the film, which is supposed to absolve her from any current racism, just makes it clear that she is still a racist and has merely graduated to class warfare.