Call. Email. Fax. Whatever. Shut this Bloody Fool up.

According to the following article, the Lt. Gov. of South Carolina, Andre Bauer, wants a Constitutional Convention to deal with Obamacare.

Bear in mind folks, this puts everything in the Constitution up for grabs. The Bill of Rights. Free Speech. The Second Amendment. Everything.

And yet this idiot, a Republican, no less, is promoting this because he confidently predicts that the court challenges will fail and repeal is impossible because of BO. Never mind that BO is almost certain to be booted out in 2012, barring any idiocy by the GOP.

This guy is a dangerous idiot. He could probably get the support of Dems, because they would love to get their filthy hands on the Bill of Rights and a lot of other stuff in there.


I implore you. Shut this idiot up.