We. Must. Wipe. Them. Out.

Go look on any number of lefty ‘news’ sources, and the propaganda has already started.

They’re trying to kill our fighting spirit.

Before I go on, here is an interesting poll you might like to view:



Why anyone would think that repeal is anything but a winning proposition is anybody’s guess.

But there is a lot of trash from the left. For instance, the hill had an article today, ‘Headache on Horizon for GOP as it weighs health reform repeal.’

This article was pure tripe. For instance,

Republicans advocating repeal will be competing with popular provisions that start immediately, while having to warn against less attractive items that voters won’t feel for some time.


With these people, up is down and down is up!

So, here’s what I suggest: we need to plan and implement a massive information campaign. We need to just beat in the stuff that is already unpopular, and, in a deliberate and timed fashion, release the details that no one’s talking about yet. Like all the stuff in Ken Blackwell’s Nanny State on Steroids article.

I talk to all kinds of people, on all parts of the political spectrum, from all over the country.


They have no idea the sort of stuff in the bill.

For instance:

Visits to your house, to check on your kids if you are a tobacco user.

Or if you’re a mom 21 or younger.

Or, most enragingly of all, if you have veterans in your home.

Check the article out here: http://patriotpost.us/opinion/ken-blackwell/2010/03/10/hidden-dangers-in-obamacare/

I can see the ads now: we run one dedicated to each of the above items for a coupla weeks; the MSM will howl and scream and that will get us more exposure. And we finish each ad with the Dingell soundbite that came out today, about controlling people.

When they scream, that means we’re cutting them. And the loud they scream, the deeper we cut. We need to put them on the offense.

So the reason I’m writing this is to ask:

do you guys think this is a viable idea? Any suggestions as to the implementation? I will work on a couple of ads and post them here for you to look at. Please let me know what you think, and if you like it, please ‘recommend it’ to keep it up at the top.