redstate's gettin redder!

The few who have read my posts know that since way back, I acknowledged the good chance this would pass.

I frankly wasn’t worried about it, as those who read my stuff know. I was big on repeal.

When people were wringing their hands, i’d try to cheer ’em up.

The only thing I was worried about, which i didn’t really mention (can’t look worried when you’re trying to keep others’ spirits up) was that the fighting spirit of those folks would be killed by the conventional wisdom that says repeal is impossible.

Well, I am so happy, because i see so many deepening their conservative hue and saying ‘Nuts!’ to the idea that America is dead, that we’re beaten.


What I see are intelligent, dedicated Patriots organizing, thinking clearly and cooly, but with deadly serious resolve. That sums up the American spirit when it is aroused by a challenge.

Ask the British way back. Ask the Germans. Ask the Japanese. Ask the Soviets, who we beat by outspending them.

We’re Americans. We don’t lose, although sometimes our darned politicians make it look that way. Consider Vietnam; although many seem to treat it as an American loss, we won all the battles, as our men fought intelligently and bravely against a smart, committed and fearless enemy. It was the politicians who ‘lost’ that war.

The democrats are going to learn the same lesson those people above learned. We’ll do it with our brains instead of bullets; we’ll bombard them at the polls; we’ll send them home in shame. But the lesson will be the same; you can’t take the freedom of an American. Period. Paragraph.


I’m bursting with pride!

Some Random thoughts:

Rocky Balboa, George Washington, Glenn Beck and Thomas Edison all have something in common; they all get/got knocked down, kept getting up, tough as nails, didn’t give in and they all won in the end. Very American. We’re gonna do the same with this socialist agenda.

The Dems know we’re gonna do it. That’ why Reid tried to put that ridiculous rule about 2/3 majority to pass. When the danged ‘bill’ passed, i was reading lib blogs, and many were expressing concern that this would be repealed, because obama/reid/pelosi were too stupid to put the goodies at the beginning.

Even now, Obama is trying to get the popularity of this up; he knows this is a loser. You know, we could probably tie him and his cronies up through Jan by attacking this constantly and making them defend it. Every two weeks, release one of the shocking, as-yet unheard of parts of the bill. Run ads, get the big league bloggers to release a bombshell. Keep them looking over their shoulders.

Rush is putting together his own supply of sob stories, caused by this nonsense. He’s turning their tactic on them. We should really do this kinda thing more.


We oughta get the Republicans in 13 to pass a bill requiring everything that is union made to have a sticker on it, so that the people of this country can make the decision whether to give to a union or not.

As many are pointing out, purity is not for us this time. But we should insist on one thing; a signed pledge to repeal obamacare when the conditions allow it.

See ya guys. Leave any great ideas, get ’em out there!


Back to work, doing my small part…