Are you NOW ready to destroy the Democrat party?

Bart Stupak is 216, as far as I’m concerned.

We need to make him a special project.

But let him merely be the face of the Democrat Party. These bstrds think they can control our destiny. They think they have the right to determine the future of America’s children. They think they’re better than us.

It’s time for them to feel the pain. The same pain that every dictator America has beaten down has felt. I’m not talking about armed revolution. I’m talking about destroying dictatorship.

As far as I’m concerned, this is round one in a 15-round title fight.

Feeling down? Go watch Rocky IV. Watch Rocky beat the piss outta that big Soviet. What a fitting metaphor for the beatdown we’re gonna give these people.

But we can’t just talk about it. We have to act.

What can we do?

What is the goal?

The immediate goal is to destroy Obamacare. The next is to destroy the Democrat party.


Well, we will win big in 2010. That’s a given at this point. Obviously, we need to do the usual election year contortions. The key this year is to primary conservatives as much as possible. To this end, we need a command center, as one of our fellows here mentioned, which keeps track of the elections and who’s running. It would link to the websites of the candidates, and visitors will choose who to back. The site will provide news, polls and position statements for each candidate. Any web programmers out there? I can do a lot of stuff, but this is a big project. Anyone wanna help? Is it worth a few hours a week to restore America?

Next, 2012. We need to consolidate our gains in 2010. During the 2010-2011, we must make the Republicans feel the burn. Make it clear what we want. Make them do it. This will have to be carefully thought out and done, as we don’t want them to do anything that hurts 2012. This means alienating conservatives. The republicans must learn not to take their base for granted. The reason the left is ramming this through is they know, if they don’t have their base, they have nothing. The republicans must learn that if we give them majorities, they must ram OUR agenda thru, or they’ll have nothing. That’s why we, the most active elements of the Republican party, must be vocal and active from  the beginning. They must owe us. They must feel beholden to us.

To win in 2012 may require more crafty thinking, although I think the Punk-in-chief will make it an easy year. We need to focus on Dem Senators who won in McCain districts, and who won less than 60% in their districts. We find good conservative candidates, we support them, a la Scott Brown, and we coordinate with folks in those districts to get out the vote. That’s the key. Money helps this, because it puts our guy/gal in the public eye. Get-out-the-vote mvmts. make sure they go vote for our guy/gal.

We must get together with other conservative blogs/tea party groups/ media guys to put together a list of demands from our candidates. We need this to keep our agenda focussed and to hold them to their word WHEN we give them power.

We should include things that will cripple the Dem party.

Things like:

No more withholding of taxes for anyone. Cuts in IRS collections (to save money, of course).

A law prohibiting the establishment of any federal spending program (other than military) for which the money is not already in the bank.

A law making it impossible to get citizenship if you break immigration laws.

For all our laws, 75 vote majority needed to turn them over. 75 seat filibuster.

Finally, the option for ANY American to get out of any federal program and the associated taxes.


These things, are key. They are our Holy Grail.