Our Holy Grail

I’m headed off for work soon, so I’ll make this quick. Forgive any errors, this’ll be a once-through, no editing.


It has been said, truthfully, that Govt-run healthcare is the Holy Grail of the Libs.

Once it’s passed, the CW goes, that’s it. People will be hooked. Look at England, they say.

(NOTE: I am still fighting this, and I think we have a good chance of winning this weekend. What follows is applicable whatever happens.)

Cloward-Piven. Socialist Takeover. All chaotic.

Well, let’s ask ourselves a question; why in England, as in America, do they do tax withholding? Why not let people get all their money upfront and then pay taxes at the end of the year?

Because THAT would be letting a genie out of the bottle. People would start paying REAL close attention to government spending. They’d want government programs ended. They’d be clamoring for tax reform.


Everything we want.


Govt-healthcare would give the Dems everything they want. An apathetic, hooked populace. Dependence.

Removing the tax withholding would give us everything we want. An engaged, clear-headed populace. Independence. And it’s much easier to do than repealing entitlements.

They say that if something’s free, people will take it. Human nature.

None of this crap is free. And when people are given something, it is hell to take it from them. Especially their money. Human nature.

He who controls public sentiment controls the situation.

It is time for us to control public sentiment.


BTW, a sweet bonus would be for the Republicans in 12, if/when they do this, to announce concurrent layoffs at the IRS, to cut spending, don’t you know.

They can cause chaos for private America? We can cause it for the public sector.

They can create a dependency class? We can create an independence class.

The PC project is a good step towards this. I am looking into if and when I can take such a position. I hope you will too.

If you can’t/won’t do PC, write, call, fax your Republican senator/rep to do this. We need to start pushing the idea NOW.


Thanks and let me know what you think (implementation, starting the movement, etc).