I expect...

Will you give up?


I have seen a lot of poo pooing on the idea of repeal.

Earlier, I posted this in the midst of a bunch of eeyore prognostications:


well i fully expect


that everyone wringing their hands, eg steyn et. al. will immediately shut down shop and be silent if/when this passes.

I mean, if it is so bad, and so hopeless, what is the point of going on?

That’s the logical consequence of this defeatist nonsense.

My God, I would not want to have been stuck at Valley Forge with such people.




And someone replied:

I Wouldnt Want To Be Stuck with people who are content watching this from the sidelines and waiting for Novemeber to “show ‘em”. That is defeatist to me and ridiculously idealistic.


Name withheld, but they know who they are

My response:


You don’t know me.


You don’t know which campaigns I have been involved in. You don’t know who I have written/called, etc. You don’t know how much money I have donated.

So keep your uninformed comments to yourself.

If my comment struck a nerve (handwringing, whining), that’s not my problem.

No one is waiting ’til November to ’show em’. I and many others are fighting.

They’re listening at some level, but they still seem determined to push this through.

We have to have a contingency. Just as the US during the Cold War had contigencies for Soviet invansions, Nuclear weapons. they did everything to prevent those and they did, God Bless ‘em. But they still had contingencies.

You know what is idealistic? Pretending that this passing is not a possibility.

Again, such people would not have been good at Valley Forge. We’d be subjects today.



I got no response from this guy.


I don’t think it is an exercise in bad logic to deduce that these people, if this passes, will give up and go home. After all, if this is so destructive to the country and so impossible to undo, why should we continue to fight? Why not just let amnesty go through? Why fight cap and tax? I certainly hope, that for consistency’s sake and for the sake of those of us who will continue to fight, that if this passes, they will go home, and not ruin the pool of potential recruits for changing America.

Let’s look at the problem in detail, shall we?

First off, it is WRECKLESS and IRRESPONSIBLE to not have a contingency. It is even worse for these people to not only not have a contigency, but to discourage those of us willing to consider such necessities.

I really think such people are projecting their own problems on the rest of us.

They either:

know deep down that they will take advantage of these socialist programs and won’t want anyone to take them away;

will be too lazy to continue the fight;

are revealing their lack of courage with respect to facing down a dictatorship in the making.

I love the bold heroes who have bold slogans/quotes of real patriots like Sam Adams and George Washington and all those fellows, and fly right in the face of those slogans/quotes with their ‘sky is falling’ whining.

These people say that this cannot be repealed because the GOP never repealed anything before.

You wanna know why?

Look at them. They are exactly the kind of constituents that have allowed the GOP to get away with this. People who didn’t hold the Republicans’ feet to the fire on repealing the Dept. of Education and all kinds of other ridiculous govt. programs, because, well, such things are impossible. They know themselves so well.

Wanna know why it might end up being impossible? Look in the mirror.

And I really wish Steyn would keep his Canadian/European fatalism to himself. The guy laughs at his own insipid jokes, as someone pointed out recently. He’s sort of an intellectual. Aside from that, i don’t know why i should listen to him.

Europeans are wired to be dependent on government. It’s a function of their history.

We’re not. It’s a function of our history.

Steyn himself did make one good observation back in December, when he said Americans were the only people in the Western World protesting for LESS government involvement. Then he goes right on to say that if this passes, that’s the end of America. Implicitly, according to him, we’ll instantly want this stuff that we’re so desperately fighting against now.

Consistent, systematic thinking is truly at a premium.


I have fought, am fighting and will continue to fight to stop the passage of this. But I believe you must always have a backup plan.