Vast Right Wing Conspiracy I

I usually lurk in the shadows and do a lot of reading here, and not much posting.


Last night, I changed that.


On the ‘it’s about government, not healthcare’ post, some guy was told to shut up for expressing his opinion that repeal of Obamacare is possible.


I went on a tirade about all the fair-weather patriots, who proudly emblazon their cars with slogan-ridden bumper stickers about freedom and other nice words, who talk about ‘liberty or death’, but when the prospect of Obamacare passing is presented, they wring their hands and the whining starts about how that’s the end of America. All of the sudden, all the ‘liberty or death’ talk is out the door. And we who want repeal, AS A BACKUP, are not asking for them to sacrifice their lives, merely to show a little fighting spirit.


I went on to discuss how the real patriots at Valley Forge marched all that way in freezing weather, many of them without shoes or any covering for their feet, and how I would not have wanted to have been stuck with these bold heroes at said battle.


Finally, I expressed my opinion that, if God forbid, Obamacare passes, if they put half the energy into forcing the resulting republican majority to move to repeal, the country would be fine.

I said that my comments were directed at no one in particular, that anyone who was irritated/offended by my post should ask themselves why and I offered exhortation to anyone who was willing to keep fighting if we cannot stop this.


Now, I will begin speaking up. I cannot sit by any longer when people are spewing this defeatist trash.


Let me begin by saying: We ABSOLUTELY must do everything in our power to stop this. But we must also be realistic. There is a greater likelihood that space aliens exist than principled democrats.

So it is the case that the possibility exists that this will pass, in spite of our strenuous efforts.

And this is where my beef with those who go around poo-pooing repeal starts.

If this passes, and the (in my opinion, false) idea that repeal is impossible has sunk in, then the country really is finished. The reality is, the only way America fails is if Americans give up. And spreading this idea around will cause that.

Now, the problem with repeal is that we cannot count on the Republicans to do it. I grant that. They have actually been elected on the platform of cutting entitlements (what does THAT tell you about Americans’ supposed appetite for entitlements?) and they have never done it.

As a result, all the entitlements that have passed have never gone away. Duh. I don’t deny that.

But a lot of things have never happened before. For one, average Americans from the DECENT element of society have never been this engaged in politics and gotten this informed on issues. These are the ‘silent majority’ that have been patronized for years, but who have held back. They are holding back no longer.

The Republicans have been allowed to get away with a game for many years now: run as fiscal conservatives who will clean Washington up, shrink government and get rid of big gov. programs. Then they get elected, pass a few token pieces of legislation (usually tax cuts), their voters, most of whom have lives, are satisfied, and then the Republicans start cozying up to their ‘honorable’ Democratic ‘friends’, and acting like them. Then they lose, the Dems come back, and pick up from where they left off, expanding government and destroying the country.

We never hold their feet to the fire, so they screw us over.

This is the first thing that we have to change. And that is the easiest, frankly.

If we put the same energy into haranguing them into doing our will, that we put trying to get the dems to not do ‘health care’, we will get our way.


I read some blog where the guy said he had a phone call with, I believe it was Orrin Hatch and asked him about repeal. And Hatch said the problem was that when you pass such a thing, 50% of the people start clamoring for the program.

First off, I don’t know how true that is. I don’t like Hatch, and frankly I don’t trust him that much.

But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. What about the other 50%, us?! How insulting and patronizing! They take their constituents for granted and sell them out for a ‘big tent’ bloc that somehow never materializes.

I cannot repeat my response to the screen when I read that, but you get the idea. How dare this jerk take us for granted! And that’s the problem, folks.

In the next days, I will unveil a plan, which I am stealing the name ‘VRWC’ for. I cannot take credit for the plan. A very famous person who has done many great things (great as in ‘significant’, not ‘good’) and who has shown the efficiency of this plan. Its implementation is based on a famous football strategy which is actually a good strategy overall.

I will not ask you for money. I will not sell anything. I will not ask you to support anyone, only America.

Heck, maybe one person will read it.

But maybe that one person will be more talented than me and  maybe they will see some value in it.

I firmly believe, FIRMLY BELIEVE, if this plan were implemented, you would not recognize the country in 10 years, but your grandparents might (in a very good way!).

But if you are interested, you can judge that for yourself.

And if you want, laugh me off the site.


thanks for your time.