From A Lion to A Lamb

It is becoming clear that President Obama is failing the big test in foreign relations spoken of by his Vice president, Joe Biden. Biden said that Barack Obama would be tested early into his presidency by a crisis. 

The United States has recently appeased tension with Russia by promising not to place the ABM (anti-ballistic missle) system in Poland. The message here is that the United States is no longer committed to the protection of eastern European allies in the face of missle threat, whether from Russia or terrorists.

Iran has uncovered a second nuclear plant which now raises the concern that their nuclear program is being expanded for weapons development. Iran has declared in no uncertain terms that they will not stop their nuclear program. Iran’s stance has even brought rare criticism from United Kingdom’s Brown, who said he would not rule out any solution.  President Obama’s speech at the U.N. and the G20 Summit, has apparently even caused French President Sarcozy to realize that the United States has no intention of doing anything meaningful.  As reported in the New York Times:

It is shameful when the White House is accused of betrayal by close allies in eastern and central Europe, but utterly humiliating when even the Elysee Palace thinks the United States has been transformed from a lion to a lamb in the face of mounting global threats. As The Wall Street Journal reported this morning, French president Nicolas Sarkozy was less than impressed with Barack Obama’s performance last week in the face of the Iranian nuclear crisis.

The fact is our allies know we are weak. Our allies are being alienated by President Obama. Furthermore they know that President Obama has sent a clear signal that the United States is no longer going to take the lead against threats posed by rogue nations or terrorism. This scares them. As much criticism as George Bush and Dick Cheney received for their leadership in the war on terror, Europe felt more secure because of our past willingness to lead the cowardly U.N. They could hide behind it. Now President Obama has joined the United States with the ranks of the talk but take no action nations of the Security Council.  In the minds of the French, what happens when the United States becomes the pacifist?