A Defiant President Who Knows His Time Is Short

After six months in office the Rasmussen poll shows President Obama’s approval rating is falling. Rasmussen presidential approval rating shows 38% of likley voters now strongly disapprove of Obama’s performance, while 30% of likely voters strongly approve (Rasmussen Reports Daily president tracking polls).  Rush Limbaugh had some good advice to go with Obama’s sinking approval rating. Don’t over estimate the polls as the end all of this leftist agenda. I believe it was IJB of Red State who first said that President Obama will not be a poll driven president. I agree. It was not that long ago when President Obama gave a defiant speech about closing Gitmo in the face of a 93% disapproval of funding by the congressional committee. Obama does not retreat from public opinion. He is a determined ideologue to advance his deliberate destructive policies on the United States. Policies that purposely grow the deficit to devalue the dollar perhaps to cause a take over by an international currency. Beyond the spending is what is in the bills hidden from Americans. Expansion of abortion. The reduction of quality healthcare replaced by government bureaucrats who decide who lives and dies. As Rush Limbaugh described it the stimulus package was nothing more than a government power surge. Employment has shot up to 10% since the stimulus bill. Guess what? Employers are still not hiring. Everything Obama has done has been secretive and sold on the false premise of hope, change and fear.

On the foreign policy and military front things are just as alarming. President Obama made his position known before he was elected. He said he would cut missle defense. The raptor super sonic fighter project has been cancelled.  Obama has attacked CIA policies. Unnecessarily playing out our intelligence gathering tactics before the world. Obama has met the heightened aggression of North Korea and Russia with an apology tour. Were we not here before? I think it was the late 70s and early 80s. Jimmy Carter met aggression with appeasement. I remember.  We have heard this and seen this all before. With the lessons learned from the past, and President Obama’s deliberate destructive policies, I submit that he knows exactly what he is doing and that his time is short. Obama is bent on defiantely forcing his will onto Americans.

Obama and the democrats oppose American exceptionalism and are seeking to subject us to a global order of collectivism. To do that they must destroy us economically and weaken us militarily. Unlike Clinton, the polls will not control him.  Obama is as close to anything this nation has had to a dictator.