Moral Relativism and the Shrinking Conservative Base

This essay is a continuance of some of my comments. The point is straight forward. The true conservative base is shrinking. My opinion is based on a number of things. One being a political pollster (name unknown) who stated the demographics favor democratic voters. I see some of this evidence first hand. In my home state of California, the population growth appears to be largely Hispanic. Hispanics are mainly democratic voters. The conservative Cubans in Florida are not growing at the same rate as the Latin traditional democratic supporters. The younger white population is not embracing the traditonal values of the past. One poster countered me here by showing that polls indicate the majority are pro-life and against gay marriage. This is true. But all that poll represents is that the trend of voters in this the demographic don’t vote these issues. My neice and her husband, both white and in their twenties, voted for Obama. They are both conservative tradtional people in their personal lives. They go to church he is a Captain in the Marine Corps.  My neice was raised Catholic. Whether it is through immgration or the younger voting population or both, this trend shows a tilt toward progressive liberal candidates. Another contributing factor is education.

The public schools and universties have turned into socio-political indoctrination centers. Political correctness is the theme in everything. Todays history books minimize the positive image of our founding fathers and heritage. California passed legislation about two years ago to reprint all school text books which would  depict homosexual characters in our history. One citizen wrote in our local paper that highschool history books now depict D-Day as the day the “UN forces” invaded France. Of course any free expression of Christianity is discouraged or out right suppressed. This is to ensure that American children will not learn that Judeo Christian values were the foundation of our nation. There is even an active effort to undermine parental influence on their children by counteracting it with what I have described above. I will not go into the obvious hostile liberal environment on our college campuses. What this all adds up to is a progressive influence that dominates the cultural landscape, and I believe it is having a negative impact on the conservative base. 

I believe this means conservatives could be losing political power in elections. The chances our we will have fewer conservative candidates. I am not happy about this. This has caused me to reflect on my importance  as a father in providing a positive influence on my daughter’s education and values. One thing I do want to state clearly here is that compromising principles is a dead end and will not lead to the desired result. Cal Thomas said it best. “You can’t have trickle down morality. You can have bubble up morality.” Very simply put, the leaders are only a reflection of the people. What values are the population trend really supporting? Probably moral relativism. Which is why it is getting harder to have a Mike Huckabee as a presidential candidate.