What Is Up With This?

I have two observations about this picture. First, what is up with this podium sign? The Office of the President Elect? You’re kidding me, right? I don’t recall ever seeing a President-Elect of the United States of America with a podium sign meant to make him look Presidential. But what else can we expect of someone who had his own Presidential-style seal made to be used during the campaign?

President ElectMy second observation: The President-Elect of what? If he were to have such a Presidential looking podium sign, shouldn’t it include the phrase of the United States of America? Why would the Country be completely left out of the equation? Is it that the United States of America is nothing more to Mr. Obama than a tool to achieve the power he so desperately desires? I fear that Mr. Obama is going to be a self-centered, narcissistic (redundancy intended) individual who expects the country to serve him rather than him serving the country.

Oh, and one more observation: notice how the word PRESIDENT is in a larger font than the word ELECT? Kind of the way OBAMA was bigger than BIDEN on all those campaign signs. Why? Because Mr. Obama clearly puts himself first, above all things.

None of this should surprise us, really. After all, Mr. Obama had to remind himself in his first press conference today that the United States only has one President at a time, and right now, that man is George W. Bush.

This man is forcing me to break my moratorium on political writing during the rest of November, as I promised on Wednesday. I really should be working on my NaNoWriMo project.

Your comments?


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