A Call To Arms

Governor Sarah PalinI think it goes without saying that Senator McCain took Barack Obama to school last week in the first Presidential debate. I don’t know how anyone who watched the debate could say otherwise. Obama spent more time stammering, interrupting, and turning red than he did actually providing any useful information to the voters. Senator McCain was very articulate and amazingly prepared for someone who was off doing the job he’s paid to do in Washington, DC, as a United States Senator.

By the same token, I expect to see Governor Palin giving the human gaffe machine that is Joe Biden a political lesson tomorrow evening in the first (and only) Vice Presidential debate, regardless of the fact that the cards are already stacked against her. It has been well reported that the VP Debate Moderator, PBS’s Gwen Ifill, has written a pro-Obama book to be released at the time of the next Presidential inauguration in January. It would take a fool to believe that this Obama-phile could possibly be unbiased in her moderation of tomorrow’s debates.

This is a call to arms! It is up to the conservative base to speak out now, before the debate, about the impossibility of a fair debate tomorrow night. We must speak out now, before it can be considered a reaction to the results of the debate. We must speak openly and loudly, everywhere that we have a voice, that the Vice Presidential debate is already skewed in favor of the Obama campaign.

Take it to work. Tell your friends. Send it to everyone in your email address book. Post it on every website where you have posting privileges. Post it on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace. And comment about it on every post you see about the debates every place that you can.

Then, when Governor Palin shows Joe Biden for the bumbling oaf that he is, not only will the Governor win the debate, but she will have done so against the odds, and there will be no doubting it. We have less than 36 hours to get the word out about this travesty in the debate system.

In addition, I encourage you to join one of the many live blogging events that will be available online tomorrow evening during the debate. But I challenge you: instead of visiting one of the conservative, right-friendly live blogs, join the left-leaning live blogs events. Openly support your candidate in the forum. Make it clear to them that the debate moderator is not impartial. Be so outspoken about the situation and the process of the event that they want to kick you out of their forum.

Are you in?

Your comments?


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