The "Hot" Button

Hot VP ButtonsAfter the fiery speeches given tonight at the Republican National Convention by Rudy Giuliani and Sarah Palin, Republicans and Independents (and hopefully Hillary Democrats) all have something to stand up for.

After all of the scandalous reports about Governor Palin’s family that have come out since the announcement of her joining the ticket less than a week ago, I was a little disappointed to see that delegates at the convention were wearing buttons in support of Governor Palin that refer to her as hot.If we want to stand behind Governor Palin on her record as Mayor and Governor, and on her stances on the issues, and on what she brings to this party, this ticket, and what she can bring to this country as John McCain’s Vice President, I think we should drop the practice of exploiting her as a “hot” VP candidate. She’s our candidate, and some members of the party may refer to her in a so-called affectionate manner as “hot,” but I personally think that calling Sarah Palin “hot” is just as bad as asking how she can do her job in Washington and raise five children at the same time.

Governor Palin’s gender is not and issue that will have any impact on her ability to govern. Governor Palin’s family is not an issue that will have any impact on her ability to govern. She has proven her ability to reform and to take on the big interest oil companies and even corruption in her own party. She is our candidate, and I for one do not believe that we should be referring to her in any other manner.

Please, let’s stop doing what the Democrats are doing: using the gender of Governor Palin as an issue in this election. Man or woman, Governor Palin has proven her ability to govern has nothing to do with her gender. Just as Barack Obama’s ethnicity has nothing to do with his ability to govern.

Vote for McCain / Palin because they are best for America, and drop the non-issues.

Your comments?


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