Obama Says Palin's Family Off-Limits, Doesn't Even Know of Anbar Province Handover?

Governor Sarah PalinAs Senator John McCain and the Republican Party were making plans on the eve of the opening of their Convention to cancel various events due to Hurricane Gustav’s rapid approach upon the Gulf Coast, what was Barack Obama and his campaign doing?

Obama planned to finish his campaign schedule Monday with stops in Michigan and Wisconsin, two battleground states the campaign views as possible wins, before heading home to Chicago to monitor the hurricane situation and decide his schedule for the rest of the week. …

In an e-mail sent to hundreds of thousands of his supporters, Obama said, “Please give whatever you can afford, even $10, to make sure the American Red Cross has the resources to help those in the path of this storm.” …

He also sent a text message to cell phones, asking for $5 for the Red Cross. ..

In his brief remarks in Detroit, Obama praised organized labor, which typically works on behalf of Democratic candidates.

There it is, the campaign line, praising the unions, hoping to win their support in November. Apparently, he found time somewhere during his campaigning today, as Hurricane Gustav battered the Gulf Coast, to address the announcement that Governor Palin’s daughter is pregnant.

“Let me be as clear as possible,” Obama said. “I think people’s families are off-limits, and people’s children are especially off-limits. This shouldn’t be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin’s performance as governor or her potential performance as a vice president.”

But we know why he had to come out in such a way, don’t we?

Obama became annoyed when asked about a Reuters news service report that quoted an unnamed senior McCain aide saying that Obama’s name appears in liberal blogs speculating about Trig’s parentage “in a way that certainly juxtaposes themselves against their ‘campaign of change.’ “

It enrages me that the Democrat chosen above all others to run for President of the United States allows himself, his campaign, his party — whatever — to become involved in the type of attack politics that they have engaged in since moments after Senator McCain introduced Governor Palin as his running mate. I witnessed the effects of their attack politics firsthand in the reaction that my wife has had to the various different scandals that have emerged in the past three days.

When Senator McCain introduced Governor Palin, my wife was so happy about the selection that she actually called her mother at work to tell her about it. Over the past three days, my wife has already begun to become disillusioned with Governor Palin, even though not one of the scandals has stuck or been proven as true. It is merely the mention that such things might be true that causes the kind of damage that the Democrats know is necessary if they hope to have any chance of victory in November.

Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin are the only choice for America. Set aside all of the issues and rhetoric that we hear every day. Set aside the attack politics flowing shamelessly from the Democrats. Set aside Conventions and all the hoopla that surrounds them. Consider this:

Yesterday, responsibility for Anbar Province in Iraq was officially handed over from the United States to Iraq. This is an historic event in the war in Iraq. Senator John McCain made a statement praising this monumental event. Barack Obama made a few statements praising organized labor and condemning attacks on Governor Palin’s family.

Barack Obama’s foreign policy experience is so nonexistent that he doesn’t even know what is happening around him today.

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