I am on the Herman Cain train!

I LOVE the idea of Herman Cain for 3 reasons:

(and none of them  are based on his race)

1: His unwavering convictions about conservative ideals.

2: His ability to teach and communicate.  His speaking quality rivals that of Obama and his teaching ability blows away anyone currently in the field.

3: His ability to answer questions.  Every politician is an expert “evader”.  They can B.S. for 2 minutes and not answer a straight forward question .  Herman answers them  all!  And then he says “and here’s why”.  If he doesn’t have the facts he’ll say “I can’t answer that because I don’t have all the facts”.   Unbelievable!

Who doesn’t think we need some common sense in the White House?  Is this country not sick and tired of career politicians running the show???