Don't raise the debt ceiling???

Do you really think that Washington will get spending under control without a hard cap?
How can people not know that Washington will merely put a band-aid on the problem and we will suffer a slow death until real cuts are forced upon us.  The problem is that by then the cuts will only keep us on life support, chugging along at a crippled pace. And we will be too buried in debt and taxes to ever do anything more than just get by.  This is the problem our European friends have been displaying for us ever so clearly.
The wizards of smart budget experts agree that the proper channel for such limitations is in forum debate and legislation, where details can be properly worked out and solutions made, rather than a hard cap.
What do you think the cap is for?  Is this not EXACTLY what the legislated “cap” is in place for?  It is to force down spending.  The debates and legislation have been going, and going, and going…  The whole reason we are hitting the cap is because the debates and legislations are not cutting it!
The spending problem is bad.  Real bad.  Without a publicly perceived limit there will NEVER be a way to tackle the real spending categories, Medicade, Social Security, and Defense.   Is anyone even talking about those?   Nope.  They’re still debating about the limits they have to budget within.
The government is not going to stop sending out Grandams S.S. check.  But what they will do is spend us into a prolonged decline until Grandmas S.S. check isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.
Don’t raise the debt ceiling I say.