No Conspiracy, But Maybe Just Incompetence? More Frustration To Drive People Away From RedState?

Greetings To All!

For several weeks I have been thinking of writing an essay about various things, but have not done so because I could not convince myself that it was worth my time, that it most probably would be drowned in the anti-Trump hurricane sweeping through RedState. Readers who know my comments on Trump will attest that I view the man as a disaster: however, I see an imbalance in the emphasis.

Then I saw the “upgrade” and discovered that diaries were sequestered and that the “front page” contained nothing by us amateurs. I also discovered that I cannot comment in any way.

This morning I read the essay by “Paladin Lost Hour.” At the end there was the following Editor’s Note:

(Editors Note: Conspiracy Theory much? There is nothing evil and conniving going on here. First off, the comment function is coming back, as Leon noted this AM. It was back on for a while, but we quickly noticed that the IT people turned it on without single sign-on, which meant anyone with a Disqus account could comment, and oh, did they. So it was turned back off until that could be fixed. Secondly, the people doing this update, frankly, do not know anything much about Redstate – they didn’t know we do SSO for comments and they didn’t understand user diaries.

As mentioned above, with or without Disqus, the comment feature does not work for me, which is why I am writing this.

And if I ran RedState, I would NOT hire a company that does “not know anything much about RedState.” I would hire a company that DOES KNOW how RedState works, or that would agree to research how it works, BEFORE their technicians start an upgrade!!!

…they didn’t know we do SSO for comments and they didn’t understand user diaries.

So..WHY would such a company be hired to work on RedState?! How is that any kind of valid excuse?!

There is a rule that conspiracies should not be assumed, whenever incompetence can be given as the reason for a problem.

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Best Wishes to All!


“Satura scribenda est” = Satire must be written, a reference to Juvenal’s comment on Rome that his era was so ridiculous that satire had to be written.

Editor’s Note:  Seriously?  “Drive people away”?  Do you know how this site makes money?  It’s by web site hits.  That’s why we continue to have comments.  That’s why we continue to allow user-generated content.  The more hits, the better.  Do you understand how IT consulting works?*  Consultants frequently don’t work for the client they’re doing the work for, and hey, sometimes requirements get dropped. It happens.  Again, there is no grand conspiracy to drive away commenters or diarists.**  As I told Leon, every IT implementation I’ve ever been involved with, for > 30 years, has had bugs. And this one is no different.  So, go have a drink of your choice, enjoy the spring weather, and chill out.  No one is trying to abuse you or get rid of you.***  That would be cutting our own throat. Comments will return and we will figure out the best way to handle the user diaries.****  But just calm down and be patient.

* Yes, yes I do understand how IT consulting works, because of my son’s IT consulting! He in fact researches the client’s needs FIRST, and after understanding the website, begins to work on the project, as I recommended above!

** There is no reason AGAIN to emphasize the lack of a conspiracy, as I noted above: incompetence explains everything nicely. 🙂

*** Please read carefully: I never wrote that there was anyone trying to marginalize RedState members deliberately, but that the frustration in using the website due to the obviously not well-planned upgrade could result in that happening.

**** Precisely my point: why was that not researched, tested, examined, etc. BEFORE going live with the upgrade? Talk about being patient and calming down: what was the rush? 😉

Thank you for replying!

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